AI Direct Messaging bot for Nextpost



AI DM is a Nextpost module that allows you to set up a direct messaging bot using OpenAIs chat API.

By giving you control over the system prompt you can influence the style in which the bot communicates. There are safeguards in place so that your OpenAI account is not endangered, even when users send “dirty” requests.

AI DM is a strictly passive bot, in other words it only responds, never sends “cold” messages.
It is therefore advisable to use it in conjunction with the welcomeDM module, which will actively open a conversation with new followers, the only way that cold DM is fully safe with Instagram. AI DM will know how a conversation started (whether by welcomeDM or by the other user) and remember what both sides said throughout the conversation.

At the end of a conversation (you can set a maximum length) it will send a call-to-action message: this could be a simple “sorry, have to leave” message, but more likely will be some kind of link to a sales page or OnlyFans or similar. This CTA could also be sent earlier if the other user asks for other forms of contact (“give me your phone number”, “what’s your whatsapp?”, “are you on snap?” or similar)


  • php8.0 or higher – it’s 2023 and php8 offers so many improvements, time to update…
  • An OpenAI API key. You can set this at system level or require each user to bring their own.


The price is a yearly license fee for one installation and includes all updates during that year.
As AI is a rapidly involving field, expect frequent updates.

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