Auto remove — Instagram Follower cleanup


Easy to install Nextpost module to clean up followers in order to increase engagement,


Clean up your Instagram followers with this Nextpost module.

Increase your engagement by removing followers that are not active (don’t like your posts, don’t comment).

The better your engagement, the more your reach is going to grow. Instagram uses active users as  an important metrics to decide which content to push.

This module can be added to a Nextpost server with the famous one-click plugin installation.

As an administrator, you can set the speeds of operation as usual, and whether you want to use additional random delays.

Users can set a hard limit (i.e. don’t remove more than x followers) and choose between removing all or only non-active followers.
They can also set how far back we check whether a follower is active or not. This is very important if you once bought followers and engagement, because these accounts would have done actions in the past, but not anymore…

IMPORTANT: Should you not own a Nextpost server, and only be interested in using this bot, contact me via email please.

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