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Travel Advisory Explainer – English language – Explainer Video

Get inspired for your next holiday booking

Field – Travel

9 scenes, animation style, website starter video, search optimized

Summer Start Rewind – German language – Longer format

Get your skin prepared for summer

Field – cosmetics

11 scenes, beautiful footage, product shot

Freedom for your hair – Polish language – Call-to-action

Ever thought about talking to your Dermatologist about hair problems?

Field – dermatology

8 scenes, style mix, business card

Summer Shape – English language – Diet Sales Video

Get in shape with this revolutionary dieting product

Field – Wellness

10 scenes, beautiful footage, product shot, link to website

First Impressions Count – German – Targeted Content

Giving Akne patients new hope via Facebook targeted ads

Field – Dermatology

9 scenes, beautiful footage, logo frame, target group specific

Training invitation – Polish language – client video integrated

Invitation to a training course for a cosmetics brand

Field – cosmetics

6 scenes, style mix

Symposium – English Language – Client video integrated

Invitation to take part in free training

Field – dermatology, cosmetics

9 scenes, style mix, call-to-action, smartphone app

Winter Spa – German Language – Seasonal

A little motivation to get pampered on a cold winter day

Field – Wellness
5 scenes, beautiful footage, profile video

Winter in Form – Polish Language – Seasonal

Seasonal Facebook advertising for a slimming brand

Field – Nutrition

9 scenes, style mix



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