Frequently Asked Questions

What type of video can I get?

For the standard prices we produce a professional HD video for you based on your briefing. It will be based upon a selection of pre-produced scenes.

Will my video look like everybody elses?

No, we select from over 100,000 professionally pre-produced scenes. Your video is not produced by an experienced digital video marketer, takingnot by an algorithm or

Where can I use my video?

Everywhere you like – except broadcast (on TV). If you need to use a video on TV, please contact us via mail.

Can I change my video later on (e.g. shorten it)?

Yes, we’re happy to help you in changing your video for a very reasonable fee, but if you want to implement changes yourself, you can do so. The only exception is: you’re not allowed to use the soundtrack on its own, e.g. as an MP3, due to the usage rights for the musical tracks.

Can I sell my video (or parts of it)?

That is not included in our standard usage rights. Please contact us via mail, if you would like to resell.

Can you include some scenes (or photos) I already have (e.g. of my product, company etc)?

Absolutely. We’re happy to include your pre-shot scenes or photography, provided you do have the necessary usage rights for them. There’s a possibility to directly upload them to our servers as part of the briefing.

What types of change can I request?

You can request to change every little detail of the video – the music, the text, the scenes selected, even your company logo if you want. For each change we will present you with a number of alternatives to chose from.

How many changes can I ask for?

Three correction cycles (a list of your change requests, followed by a new version and alternatives being produced) are included in our prices. For all our customers so far, two cycles have been sufficient.

What if I already like the first version and don't want changes? Can I immediately use it?

The first version contains our logo as a watermark. The moment your payment arrives, we’ll give you access to a version without this watermark, and you can use it right away. In fact, many of our customers do both: they want some changes applied, but in the meantime already use the first version of their video for instance for internal communication.



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