Videos in Instagram Stories

Instagram is an app used by almost every young person in the world. It allows users to socialize and exchange live updates with their followers in ways that are far different from traditional socializing. Instagram has used photos and videos to lure users. The purpose is to get them to spend as much time on the application as they possibly can. And videos in Instagram stories allow you to benefit from this. Stories on Instagram are a way to share glimpses of your day for 24 hours. You can upload both video and photo stories, but most people usually prefer videos.

Why Should You Use Videos?

Video stories offer a more vivid experience to the viewers as compared to photos. The moments captured through a video are more comprehensive and allow viewers to better ‘live’ the experience. A video story also makes it easier to convey some messages and can prove to be useful for bloggers who try to make their posts approachable for viewers. For instance, beauty bloggers can use videos to create tutorials so that the viewers can easily understand the techniques involved in creating the desired look.

The Shorter, the Better

Short videos make stories more interesting. Instagram provides several options for videos. The most popular one is ‘Boomerang.’ It is a short video clip captured which plays over and over for a few seconds. With effects like reverse or speed up, the videos created are often entertaining such as a person jumping off a cliff.

Watch Live

The live option provided by Instagram is an interactive way for users, especially bloggers, to connect with their followers. It lets them go live where followers can comment in real time on the video, and the user can answer those questions. All these options make videos more attractive and viable as compared to still images.

Story or Normal Posts?

Where blogs follow a theme and usually add one new post at a time, stories allow multiple ideas to be posted on a daily basis. It gives followers something to look forward to every day. The feature was created to complement the previous function of regular posts. It makes the account more interactive and exciting for followers. For instance, the user could share a story about their recent post for their followers. Whoever sees the story will immediately visit the blog for further details.


Instagram continuously works to make the application more interesting for its users. Its most significant selling point is its pictures, videos, and filters. However, there are other applications as well which let users post stories, so why should you use Instagram stories in particular? Simple: it offers fun filters and helps make a statement like no other platform!

Advantages of a Video Story

•    It is an exciting way to show recent developments or progress. •    Businesses do not have to maintain their usual level of video quality and can approach customers casually. •    The user can easily find out what followers expect of them with the help of the responses they get. •    Users can get a broad customer base.

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