Most pins are images and infographics. Video is a chance to stand out on the pinteret. Your video pin will look different. You can pin video or gif. The difference is when you press play button on the left down corner. When you pin gif you will see your video on your news feed. When you pin video from Youtube (or from any website) you have to open this pin to watch video.

Video sugessted size and format on Pinterest:

Prefered format:

MOV or MP4

Frame rate:

25 fps

240 ppi resolution


Square (1:1) or vertical (9:16)

Playback lenght:

Min 4 sec. to 30 min. max

Suggested 10 – 20 second

Filesize limit:

under 2 GB

How to pin video on Pinterest

Tutorial how to pin video from Youtube, Vimeo, website